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The suggested ratios and recipes are mere guidelines.  We understand our customers are adventurous and everyone has different tastes.  We would like to hear about your favorite recipes.  Please feel free to send us your recipes and we will gladly share them! 

Easy Way to Make Cold Brew Using a French Press
This recipe will yield a smoother cold brew.  If you want to make a cold brew concentrate we suggest modifying the recipe using 3 cups of water for every 2 cups of ground coffee.

Use a medium Grind of 60-65 grams or if you don't have a scale use 9 tablespoons of ground coffee.  Each tablespoon weighs approximately 7 grams so this will put your brew within the optimal ratio. 
Place ground coffee in French press. 
Fill up with room temp or cold water to just under the spout which should be a little less than 32oz or 4 cups.  Make sure to leave a little room for placing the top plunger. 
Put on the top plunger, but DO NOT plunge. 
Place in the refrigerator for a minimum of 12 hours. 
Plunge and enjoy!!

Rx Morning Cold Brew Mix Recipe
16oz of cold brew coffee 
1 tbsp emulsified MCT oil (coffee guy likes vanilla flavored) 
1 tbsp organic grassfed heavy cream 
liquid stevia to taste, stir or shake and enjoy

Keto Coffee
2 cups coffee
1-2 tbsp MCT oil  
1-2 tbsp grass fed butter 
1 tbsp organic grass fed heavy cream (optional) 
sweetener of choice (optional) 
1 tsp vanilla extract (optional) 
1 tsp cacao butter (optional) 
pinch of cinnamon on top (optional)

Bulletproof or Paleo Coffee 
1 cup coffee  
1 tbsp grass fed butter 
1 tbsp MCT oil 
sweetener of choice (optional) 
pinch of cinnamon on top (optional) 
blend and enjoy 


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